Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler (Wood furnace)

After Completion of inventory and sales Wood Boiler has 2 Standard Units remaining for sale.  Please get your order in before they are gone.


Wood Boiler will be focusing production on the EPA Phase 2 Qualified boilers including the Wood Boiler E4 and the Wood Boiler Blaze HE and the Pellet Burner Easy 35.

Exciting news! Our new pellet burner!  Pellet Burner Easy 35 is in production.  This boiler is approximately a 115,000 btu unit using all the same principals as our wood fired units without all the work.  Just buy pellets and run.

Wood Boiler E4 Front

Wood Boiler E4 – EPA Phase 2 Qualified Unit

Pellet Burner Easy Model 35

Pellet Burner Easy 35 – Wood Boiler’s easy to use pellet burner.






Blaze HE - Gasification Unit

Blaze HE Gasification Unit – EPA Phase 2 Qualified







People love our products.  Fantastic!  However, due to such high demand our production facility is at full capacity.  Our back order log currently has us out about 2 weeks. 

 BIG NEWS — Wood Boiler Blaze HE  Click Here

Our newest gasification unit is highly efficient with low emissions! The EPA Phase 2 Qualification certified testing is complete.  The Wood Boiler Blaze HE is EPA Phase 2 Qualified.


Wood Boiler E4 Model EPA Phase 2 qualified model… Get your Special Pricing Now: Click Here

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$6499 Wood Boiler Extreme with the Economy Job Ready install package price Click here for more information

$7499 Wood Boiler Heat Plant with the Economy Job Ready install package price Click here for more information

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Why a Wood Boiler LLC outdoor Wood furnace ?

  • Made in the USA
  • Made with at least 1/4″ thick steel firebox
  • Unique Outdoor Wood Boiler design: the burn chamber is designed as a regular octagon shape
  • Water cooled door: this keeps the door at a safe touchable temp
  • Door is the same size as the boiler opening.  Allowing the user to put in very large pieces of wood.
  • Insulated all the way around, including the door
  • Burn chamber’s design allows wood to self-feed; much better than a square box design
  • Blower-fed combustion chamber
  • R25 and R36 insulation the entire boiler is insulated
  • Built by certified welders; insuring no leaks
  • Each outdoor wood boiler is pressure tested to insure it is ready
  • You are working with the builder and designer; no third party contacts.  We can help you with your unique needs.
  • Made_in_USAUses less wood: we have designed this boiler to extract as much heat as possible by having all areas of the burn chamber, including the door, surrounded by water
  • Simple and efficient design
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Give us a call with any questions, leave us a message; we call every customer back at 1-888-786-8703 or 317-721-5675
  • Send us an e-mail at info@woodboilerusa.com
  • Write us at 9650 Commerce Drive, Suite 522, Carmel, IN 46032

“I’m sold on this boiler, best value for the money! And probably better than those at twice the cost.” Mike from Crawfordsville, IN

“I made it home Friday, 1400 miles all together.   The young man at the manufacturing plant is a really nice guy.  He was very polite and helpful.  Would you please let him know I appreciated his patience with all my questions.  Laura is great also, very helpful and patient.  I had lots of people ask me about it on the way home.” Ryan from Wichita, KS

“We LOVE our boiler!!!!” Lee and Sheri from Mancelona, MI


Wood Boiler USA, LLC is an EPA Hydronic Heater Program Phase 2 Partner