Wood Boiler outdoor wood burning furnaces can save you money on your heating costs. An investment in a Wood Boiler furnace can pay for itself. Depending on what your current heat source and your access to wood, you could have a return on your investment in a short period of time.
In addition, using wood as a renewable resource fuel is good green energy. Wood is a fuel source that replenishes itself. It is part of the natural carbon cycle on Earth. Our EPA Phase 2 Qualified units are good for the environment as they have low emissions and are very efficient.

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Why look for wood furnaces that are EPA Phase 2 Qualified?
Effective 12/31/2015, the EPA has imposed the requirement that all wood burning heating units are EPA Phase 2 qualified. The benefits of these units are much lower exhaust emissions, much more efficient wood burning (which means using less wood to provide the same heat), better for the environment and typically much less work to operate.
You can still buy outdoor wood furnaces from Wood Boiler, LLC. We are prepared for the future of highly efficient, lower emission requirements. The Wood Boiler Blaze HE and the Wood Boiler E4 are an EPA Qualified units.
Please look at our videos demonstrating what is required to operate, install and maintain one of our qualified units.

Why Wood Boiler LLC?

  • Made in the USA
  • Superior designed Outdoor Wood Boiler(Wood Furnance) and Wood Pellet burning units
  • Made with thick steel firebox
  • Unique Outdoor Wood Boiler design self feeding design
  • Water cooled door: this keeps the door at a safe touchable temp(some models)
  • Insulated all the way around, including the door we use a combination of Spray foam and fiberglass depending on the model
  • Burn chamber’s design allows wood to self-feed; much better than a square box design
  • Blower-fed combustion chamber
  • Built by certified welders; insuring no leaks
  • Each outdoor wood boiler is pressure tested to insure it is ready
  • You are working with the builder and designer; no third party contacts.  We can help you with your unique needs.
  • Made_in_USAUses less wood: we have designed our boilers to extract as much heat as possible
  • Simple and efficient design
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Give us a call with any questions, leave us a message; we call every customer back at 1-800-325-2760
  • Send us an e-mail at
  • Write us at 501 W. Noble St., Lebanon, IN 46052


“I’m sold on this boiler, best value for the money! And probably better than those at twice the cost.” Mike from IN

“I made it home Friday, 1400 miles all together.   The young man at the manufacturing plant is a really nice guy.  He was very polite and helpful.  Would you please let him know I appreciated his patience with all my questions.  I had lots of people ask me about it on the way home.” Ryan from KS

“We LOVE our boiler!!!!” Lee and Sheri from MI