Installation Packages and Accessories:
1. $1000 Economy Installation kit  includes:
  • 40 foot of dual insulated pex pipe
  • 20 foot pex pipe
  • Heat exchanger for furnace  16×18 or 15 x 18 (depending on availability)
  • Water heater pre-heater heat exchanger
  • Heat only thermostat
  • Circulation Pump and connection flanges
  • Pex connectors
  • Installation plan including phone support during normal business hours
  • Other heat exchanger sizes are available at an additional cost

2. Pool Heater manual control 155K kit call or email for current pricing.
3. Pool Heater manual control 210K kit call or email for current pricing
4. Hot tub heater kit. Call for current pricing.
5. Additional 1 inch connections for a second building or circulation system $150
6. Additional Liquid to Air Heat Exchanger for Garage or Home $225-$325
Liquid-to-Air Heat Exchanger
7. 3/4 Mixing valve to prevent extremely hot water from the water heater.  This is highly recommended with the sidearm. $140
8. 50 plate Liquid to Liquid Heat exchanger for integrating Wood Boiler to your existing home boiler system $325
9. Smoke stack adapter to convert to standard 8 inch round stainless stack pipes $150
10.  Three Speed Pump with flanges $145
Water Pump 3-Speed
11.  Dual Insulated Pex double wrapped within 4-inch corrugated tile:  $8 per foot sold in 25 foot increments ($6 per foot if purchased with boiler).  Sold in continuous pieces up to 250 feet.   Special orders can be custom lengths.
Insulated Pex
12. Draft stopper used to cut air flow when draft inducer is not in use. This is very useful during low usage periods and reduces the amount of wood and smoke output. This is for models that are not highly efficient (EPA Phase 2 qualified)  $150
13.  Stack adapter – if you plan on extending the exhaust stack, we have an adapter that convert the square exhaust flue to fit  8″-round flue pipe.  $150
14. Optional Water in-line water fill $125
15. Water Heater Pre-Heater $125
16. Replacement Front Door Gasket material for the conventional models (Standard, Extreme, and Heat Plant) also referred to as tadpole rope  $105.
17.  Replacement Gasket material for other models and places where round rope gasket is used is $3 per foot.
Additional Equipment for Home or Garage please call for quote.